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Jade Bracelet/Gemstone Bracelet/Jade Jewelry/Gemstone Bracelet

Jade Bracelet/Gemstone Bracelet/Jade Jewelry/Gemstone Bracelet

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Beautiful Jade from Burma combined with a sparkling gold accent bead makes up this stunning bracelet. Simple and elegant design.

Meaning & Energy
Jade is a powerful, outward-flowing energy that promote healing, nurturing, replenishment, and emotional support that can help you tap into a higher love. The growth-inspiring effects of jade are alluded to by the stone’s most famous color, namely green.

Bracelet measures 6 1/2 inches circumference and is 3 inches. Elastic Ninja Cord makes it easy to wear by slipping over the hand and onto the wrist.

If the size I offer is not be your exact size and you'd like to have it made either smaller or larger, please contact me before placing an order. I am happy to accommodate a custom request if I have the same materials available. If not let's chat about some other options and we may be able to do a custom order for you. If I need to order specific materials, I will get it to you as soon as the delivery system allows.

I would love to make you a special bracelet that you will love wearing as much as I love making it for you.

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